Heavy-Duty Turbine Housing

Our new heavy duty turbine housing has been redesigned for strength. In addition to advanced material selection, a critical element, the divider wall has also been designed to be thicker without change to the turbine A/R ratio by keeping the cross-sectional area of the exhaust gas passage the same as the original design.

Heavy Duty Turbine Housing

Divider Wall Comparison


Image on the left represents thickness of the Caterpillar turbine housing cross-section, (turbine casting and divider wall thickness indicated by arrows.) Note how it is significantly less than the new turbine casting thickness, (image on right.) The "new" Heavy-Duty turbine housing sectional view is cut in the exact same coordinates as the Caterpillar housing (image on left) to illustrate the new, stronger divider wall and thickness. See More Features of Our New Heavy Duty Turbo for Caterpillar Engines Here!

Click here for close-up view of a cracked divider wall.